B&B Pomarancio


A Bed and Breakfast immersed in the art and nature of Montefeltro

The B&B Pomarancio is a recently renovated historical home, situated in the center of the Medieval village Mondaino.

We are surrounded by the hills overlooking the Adriatic sea, about 15 km away, and offer a sojourn in a richly designed bed and breakfast, far from the confusion of the Riviera and more in touch with art and nature. We are in Montefeltro, on the border between the Marche and Romagna regions, an area once fought over by the dukedom of Urbino, city of art and birthplace of the Renaissance, only 20km away, and the Malatesta family of Rimini, only 33km away. The deeds of arms and heroes are retold during the annual Palio de lo Daino, a historical commemoration that introduced Mondaino to the rest of Italy.
We are extremely close to Urbino, Rimini and Pesaro, all around 25 km away, as well as San Marino, which is under 30 km away, and many small Medieval towns, all nestled between the sea and the hills in a landscape of rare beauty. A holiday at the bed and breakfast in Mondaino is pleasant and rich of surprises in all seasons, and caters to all tastes: those who like to relax and spend their days at the beach, those who prefer activities such as

trekking and cycle tourism, and those who opt for an exploration of the many options offered by the rich cuisine, art and culture of our territory – and why not – their infinite combinations.
Perfectly integrated into this prestigious historical and cultural context and landscape, the Pomarancio reflects the soul of the territory and the heart of its owners: it is a B&B of art.
When renovating this historical home, we attempted to recuperate and respect all that the structure itself seemed to suggest to us: we discovered ancient beams under the false ceilings, made the original stone and rock walls visible to the eye again, as well as many nooks, the handmade cotto tile floors, and an ancient 30mt long sandstone grotto, which is open to visitors and is an evocative place to enjoy a fresh glass of select wine during the summer. Our original 17th century staircase leads to the rooms upstairs, from the first and second floors one can enjoy a view of the sea and of the beautiful bell tower of the baroque church of San Michele, which holds a painting by Nicolò Pomarancio. In fact, we named our bed and breakfast in honor of this celebrated painter..

Scorcio di Mondaino, il borgo medievale che ospita il B&B Pomarancio

To sleep in Mondaino immersed in history, art and literature

Each room has distinctive characteristics as well as its own name, meant to introduce our guests to renowned events and personalities from our territory: the master bedroom on the first floor, Paolo and Francesca, transports us to Gradara, inside the walls of the castle where the two characters from Dante’s Divine Comedy fell in love and met with their tragic death. On the opposite side of the first floor, the master bedroom Della Rovere, which refers to the Dukes of Urbino and their court, who ushered in one of the most dazzling and rich eras of our history, the Italian Renaissance. On the second floor, the Suite Lindoro, a vast two-room apartment with a loft and a view on the sea. The apartment, with its white parquet and white wooden ceiling truss, is named after a character in the renown comic opera the Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini, who was born in the nearby city of Pesaro, where he is celebrated each year with the Festival Rossiniano.

Our territory and its history speak for themselves, but we contribute with our taste for rare and beautiful things, such as the antique furniture we used to decorate the Pomarancio, and our extremely Bolognese attention towards good cuisine and high-class hospitality.
In Mondaino, we found the authenticity of organic and strictly local products, which allow us to prepare colorful, inventive and healthy breakfasts in our bed and breakfast. Sourdough starter allows us to bake homemade bread and focaccia bread, using non treated flour from local mills. We use free-range eggs from hens fed with non-artificial bird seed to make cakes, cookies and savory breakfasts. We often pick the fruit ourselves from the surrounding orchards, it is non treated and strictly local, some of ancient and forgotten varieties and impossible to reproduce in a greenhouse. It is the perfect base for our jams, and the necessary crowning element to the buffet, which awaits our guests each morning. Honey and locally farmed cheeses are the tasty side dish to accompany all that we have prepared.

A B&B perfect for those who love art, trekking and biking

Beauty, proportion and care also characterize the hall where we serve our breakfast, in the preparation of both the buffet and the single tables, all decorated with Faenza ceramic dinner sets. In the hall we also exhibit ceramics by a ceramic artist from Urbino, a city that has a tradition of excellence in this art form.

We are originally from Bologna, but have always been curious travellers, attracted to delicate beauty, with a taste for balance and harmony. We finally discovered this inland, still unknown to the majority of visitors, therefore authentic and uncontaminated, both in its landscape and culinary and wine tradition. We fell in love with these landscapes, so rich with possibilities, with the sea and mountains close by, the Apennines on the border with Tuscany, and the beautiful hills overflowing with olive trees and medieval towns, cities of Art and nature. In welcoming you here at the B&B Pomarancio, we remember when we used to be constantly in motion, and the reasons why we chose to stop here: our experience in this land of harmony and beauty will become your own, you will fall in love with the places, flavors, and opportunities that we introduce to you.

Costanza del B&B Pomarancio